EdgeIT - Electronics for optimum edging results

The EdgeIT measuring and optimizing system gives you the most profi table product from each raw board. Measuring is contact-free and detects flaws such as flat curves or distortions. The optimizing system calculates the best economic yield according to customer parameters. The operator interface provides 2D and 3D board images, reports, alarm handling and statistics. The system’s database can exchange data with other systems as well as save all board data and alarms. Re-optimizing is possible for single boards or entire work shifts. EdgeIT has been developed for Söderhamn Eriksson’s edger optimizer types Exeltec, Edgar and Millomatic.

  • Double-sided measurement
  • Optimum yield according to customer parameters
  • Re-optimizing of single boards or entire batches/shifts
  • Database-saving of board data and alarms
  • User-friendly operator interface